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Soundsorba is a company based in the UK specialized in noise control engineering. In over 25 years of existence, we strenghtened our know-how and our continuous growth was driven by innovation, our main goal being to offer high performance solutions to noise problems in buildings. This is possible thanks to our focus on research and development. For many years, we have been working to provide acoustic solutions, products and advice of the highest quality at competitive prices. Soundsorba acoustic products include sound absorbing panels, acoustic wall and ceiling tiles, acoustic doors, acoustic diffusers, acoustic fabric, sound absorbers and sound absorbing foam. These acoustic wall and ceiling panels and doors help to reduce noise problems such as echo and reverberation and sound transmission. Our highly qualified and experienced acoustic engineers along with the tested reliability of our acoustic products allow us to provide professional advice and high quality, effective acoustic solutions to solve your sound problem. We provide a custom solution for each problem. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information !

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United Kingdom

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Wallsorba are high specification acoustic wall panel systems. These are the most popular aesthetic sound absorbing wall panels. They are durable, fire rated, visually pleasing and offer excellent acoustic performance. They are the decorative solution to your sound control needs. The wall panels are used extensively to transform areas such as multi-purpose halls, open-plan offices, conference suites, studios and interview rooms into workable environments. Panels are finished in high quality acoustic fabrics available in 80 various colours. Three standard panel versions are offered. Acoustic Performance Installation Tee Joint Panel System This is the most economical panel utilising white Upvc fixing sections. The panels have cut edges on all four sides. The Upvc sections serve two functions. One is to decoratively mask the edges and the other is as structural fixing sections. This system is the most flexible as panels can be cut on site to suit wall dimensions. Butt Joint Panel...

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Bafflesorba ecopaint are Class A high performance baffles used to absorb noise in buildings. Bafflesorba are particularly useful in situations where the roof space needs to support various services or it is important to allow natural light. Not only are excellent acoustic results achieved in this way, but aesthetically innovative solutions are created. Typical uses are in schools, leisure centres, exhibition areas, offices, factories, studios and other internal building areas. The standard Bafflesorba ecopaint surface finish comes in white RAL 9016. However, they can be emulsion spray painted on site to any colour with little significant effect on acoustical performance. The panels can be painted for aesthetic reasons or even in the future to cover dirty marks. Acoustic Performance Class A absorbers Sound absorption coefficients. Installation Using Suspension Wires Clean white gloves must be used when handling to avoid marking the baffles. Install the first baffle and check that...

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Fotosorba digitally printed acoustic wall and ceiling panels have been created with a combination of design and good acoustics. They are acoustic panels cleverly disguised as pictures. This superb solution to echo and reverberation is great for areas where aesthetics is a high priority. In open plan areas such as restaurants, reception areas, hotels, offices and conference rooms, the space can become very noisy. This is because the wall and ceiling surfaces reflect the sound and allow it to bounce back into the room hence creating echo and reverberation. The noise becomes worse as the number of people increase in the room. Acoustic Performance Installation Fotosorba acoustic art panels are simply installed using the Gluesorba Spray can adhesive which makes installation very quick and easy. For full details of how to install these panels please refer to our Fixing Guide. Photo Library We provide a library of images from which you are able to choose very high definition images....

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Wavesorba acoustic tiles provide high noise absorption for areas such as high-tech offices, airports, schools, entrance areas, music or television studios and retail stores. Wavesorba s acoustic tiles comprise of high performance acoustic fire-rated foam which is upholstered with a multitude of, soft, soothing colour acoustic fabrics. The fabric is covered on the face and edges and returns approx. 2 inches to the back. Wavesorba sound absorbent tiles are available in 18 different colours. Acoustic Performance The installation time is fast as the Wavesorba panels are suspended by steel wires from the soffitt by means of special spiral hooks which are fitted in the rear of the acoustic panels. The depth in suspension is simply adjusted by adjusting the length of the steel suspension. This also allows the acoustic tiles to be installed at sloping angles if required again adding to the visual design possibilities. The spiral hooks should be placed between 200mm and 300mm from the...

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Suspended Acoustic Ceiling Panels – St Andrews Church

Latest project ・ 28 Feb 2019 read more Open In New icon

We were contacted by St Andrew’s Church in High Wycombe regarding an acoustic issue they were having in their hall. The hard surfaces in the hall were resulting in a long reverberation time, which was affecting the speech intelligibility, and creating an unpleasant environment to be in. After providing a free reverberation time calculation, we determined how much absorption was required to reduce the reverberation time in accordance with the BS8233 British Standards for reverberation in rooms. We recommended the use of our Cloudsorba suspended acoustic panels, which are a Class A absorber. These come in a range of 72 standard colours, so a visually pleasing pattern could be created. The panels were delivered to the site within a week, and due to the simple installation methods, a local contractor could be contacted for a hassle free installation. Overall, the users of the Church were very happy with the improved acoustics in the hall.


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