AdBlue - Diesel Additive

For exhaust gas cleaning in diesel-powered vehicles


ERC AdBlue is used for the exhaust gas cleaning of passenger and commercial vehicles and added to the exhaust gas flow from a separate tank. The Effect With the combustion of diesel fuel, harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) is created. It must be removed from the exhaust gas in order to protect the environment and comply with legal exhaust gas limits. The Result ERC AdBlue is a clear, non-toxic, synthetic urea solution stored in an additional tank near the diesel tank or in the boot of the passenger vehicle. It is not added to the diesel fuel. ERC AdBlue is used for the environmentally compatible exhaust gas post-treatment of diesel-powered vehicles by means of selective catalytic reduction (SCR system) and converts harmful NOx components of the exhaust gas into the harmless air components nitrogen and water. The benefits at a glance ERC AdBlue: Environmentally-friendly Removes harmful NOx from the exhaust gas Non-toxic and odourless ERC AdBlue is simply filled from the container...

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