The ALTO Heavy Duty Tower - like the rest of the ALTO Access range - is manufactured using 48mm diameter tube, the same diameter as traditional steel scaffolding. This means adaptations and tying in is very easy because you can use standard tube & fittings which you cannot with a lightweight system. Every welded joint on the ALTO Heavy Duty Tower is fully welded 360O around the tube. This means fractured welds are a thing of the past and make the tower a much more rigid structure with joints 5 times stronger in tension & 13 times stronger in bending. The ALTO Heavy Duty Tower has a load capacity of 2,500 kg (2.5t) per mobile tower (3,000 kg if using base jacks) compared to between 650 - 950 Kg maximum for lightweight competitor products - reducing health & safety risks whilst increasing the range of applications available. The ALTO conical head fittings prevent frames from jamming when dismantling towers so hammer damage is totally eliminated.

Lightweight metal scaffolding
  • aluminium access tower

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