Alumina Ceramic Column Cylinder Rod

95 96 99 Alumina Ceramic Column Cylinder Rod
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Aluminum Oxide Ceramic is wildely used in many fields including mechanical, electronics, electrical, semiconductor, automotive,textile, etc. For the good propertities, more and more customers choose Alumina ceramic materials for their applications. Alumina Ceramic can be made to Ceramic Nozzles, Ceramic Sprayers Cyclones, Ceramic Linings, Milling Systems, Ceramic Thread guides, etc.Customized designs are very often to be made. Alumina Ceramic Properties: 1. Good electrical insulation 2. Moderate thermal conductivity 3. High corrosion and wear resistance 4. Good gliding properties 5.High mechanical strength 6. High compressive strength 7. High hardness

  • Ceramics
  • Alumina Ceramic Rod 3mm 5mm 8mm
  • Wear Resistance Alumina Cylinder
  • Alumina Ceramic Stirring Rod

Product characteristics

Maximum use:
Volume resistivity:
92%, 95%, 96%, 99%, 99.7%

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361006 Xiamen - China