With revolutionary Spidertechnology with thermal breaks made of ABS plastic, this system guarantees a results below 1.0 Uw W/m2K for windows. Profiles in this system are composed of the cellular insulation to block the movement of air, natural form, separated by the air chambers. Spidertechnology allows you to adjust the level of insulation to the specific requirements of the customer, without any complex system changes. To improve the insulation performance even further in addition to the spacers made Spidertechnology, it is possible to apply an optional multi-chamber seal made of EPDM as a central gasket. In addition, between the profile and the glazing, around the frame, you can also use tape PE foam insulation, thus reducing heat loss around the glazing. Technical drawing window system – Triton Planea is thermally enhanced with standard dividers and additional elements. Available in white, one-or-both-side covered, with film in colours with optional wood structure or design.

Windows, aluminium
  • Aluminium Window
  • blyweert window
  • Tur & Tilt window

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