As a general rule, aluminium inserts are mainly used for joining plastics. They are used to stiffen components (tube supports) or as the counterpart to a direct fastening. With the appropriate choice of geometry and alloy they obtain outstanding fastening results. The benefits of aluminium inserts as metal-metal fastenings become evident, particularly for components that are subject to vibration stress or where operating temperatures are high. lightweight flexible durable stable environmentally friendly corrosion resistant The benefits of a trilobular cross-section approx. 35 % greater torsional torques compared with round-knurled inserts greater vibration resistance permits greater core hole tolerances when press-fitting

Mechanical transmission - components
  • aluminium inserts
  • fastening
  • lightweight construction

Product features

Feature (1) lightweight
Feature (2) flexible
Feature (3) durable
Feature (4) stable
Feature (5) environmentally friendly
Feature (6) corrosion resistant

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