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Aluminum labels provide an attractive and memorable way for manufacturers to draw attention to their products in the marketplace and differentiate their brands, particularly for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). Whether they are on bottles or boxes, aluminum labels stand out. As the leader in the field of paper lacquering and metalizing, Novelis offers an unrivaled product portfolio to satisfy the requirements of the entire supply chain for metalized label papers, from printing to application. Our facilities provide excellent product qualities in reels and sheets, with properties fit for printing, converting and labeling. With Novelis aluminum label papers, our customers can take advantage of unique lacquering applications, high-gloss finishing, consistent embossing and sheeting, good printability in all printing processes, fast-drying ink, easy die-cutting, excellent lay-flat properties, high-speed labeling, high moisture resistance, fast wash-off times and high ink retention.

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