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Anodized aluminum name plates - anodized aluminum, marking plates, id tags, metal barcodes asset labels


Name plates first of all identify and denote object’s, person’s name and other characteristics. Generally, nameplates are used for informative purposes and commercial purposes. For informative purposes, plates are tending to identify objects (equipment, cars, uniforms) or physical space (doors, premises, conference rooms, meeting rooms, office cabins, board rooms). Such labels are widely used in business centers, hotels, schools, colleges, department stores etc. This is the best way to identify front counters, desks, office areas. For commercial purposes, most nameplates fixed on different products to designate its product name, brand, manufacturer and product properties. Normally, the plates on product implies the impact of famous logo to underline the product. Name plates can be also used in warehousing ranks, levels, cargoes etc. Name plates can be seen in different shapes, such as: square, rectangular, round, oval etc.