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Arcing cathodes and sputtering targets for layers

Metallic and ceramic-based sputtertargets and arcing cathodes for hard coatings


Plansee produces material for wear-resistant coatings, adhesive layers, decorative or DLC coatings. Offering compositions tailored for advanced hard coatings with optimized mechanical and tribological properties. Further topics that might be addressed are: enhancing of thermal and chemical stability, adding of functional properties like self-lubrication, self-hardening and self-healing. To adjust the coating characteristics to the dedicated application, Plansee offers its scientific expertise in alloying of targets and cathodes with elements that influence the coating properties as follows: Grain size and morphology, Hardness adaption, High temperature oxidation resistance, Friction coefficient, Thermal stability, Thermal conductivity, Electrical conductivity, Antibacterial properties, Color effects. Offered sputtering targets and arcing cathodes: Titanium-Aluminum Aluminum-Chromium Chromium Titanium-silicon Titanium Zirconium Tungsten carbide Titanium-diboride

Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating
  • sputtering
  • PVD coating
  • titanium

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