Aroma Fragrances for Steam baths, aroma caves, thermariums

Manufacturer for premium sauna fragrances (Florage)


Suitable for: Steam baths, aroma grottos, thermariums & Finnish sauna Lemon: A clear, fresh scent, refreshingly stimulating, activating, enhances concentration. Ice mint: The fragrance creates a cool atmosphere, inhibits excitement in the room, increases well-being, has a cleansing, stimulating, cooling effect. Eucalyptus/Menthol: Balancing, cleansing, stimulating, cooling. Passion fruit: A sweet, exotic and lovely smell, spreads a sunny and cheerful note, has a stimulating effect. Rose garden: A heavy, very intense floral scent. Spreads affection, sweetness, dispels darkness. The fragrance is emotional, warming and stimulates dreaming. Christmas blend: Scent of Christmas spirit and cosy atmosphere, harmonizing. Blood orange: Fruity and fresh scent, promotes concentration, activating, balancing. Red apple: A satisfying scent, The scent invigorates, gives concentration and refreshes. 5-15 ml per 1 litre or as required by the steam pipe/steam tray

Oils and resinoids
  • Aroma bath
  • White Label
  • Sauna Fragrance

Product features

Alpine herbs Noble, luminous Alpine scent of Alpine herbs and high forests, has an invigorating effect
Blood orange Fruity and fresh smell, promotes concentration, activating, balancing
Ice Mint Gives a cool atmosphere, inhibits excitement, well-being, cleansing, stimulating, cooling effect
Eucalyptus/Menthol Balancing, cleansing, stimulating, cooling
Maracuja A sweet, exotic and sweet smell, spreads a sunny and cheerful note, has an invigorating effect

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