Assembly Of Stainless Steel Turned parts

Quality Stainless Steel Assembly Parts Custom Machined From China Ming Xiao Mfg


Stainless Steel Assembly Parts shows in pictures are made from SS304, Customer from Italy. It's made from hot forged rough parts,then machined to the final parts, machining processes are CNC turning and Milling. Ming Xiao Mfg engaged in Turning Parts custom machining services more than 20 years, we have old lathe turning machines, automatic turning machines, and CNC turning machines,Longitudinal lathes (CNC PRECISION AUTOMATIC LATHE). we can optimize the turning processes to make the machining cost to be lowest, for high precison turned parts or with a certian accuracy required turned parts that we use CNC Lathe to produce, and low tolerance requested dimensions we use old lathe machine to produce, and small turned parts we use automatic lathe machine to produce. Materials: Carbon Steels,Alloy steels,Tool Steels,Stainless Steels,Aluminum Alloys,Brass & Copper. Finish treating: Anodizing,hard anodizing,electroplating

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