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Mechanical Safety Catcher KRM Electric Locking Unit KFE Special customer requirements Applications Overview Presses Machine Tools Automatization + Feeders Lifting Gear + Mobile Hydraulics Production Technology Special Machinery CAD Download Contact Auto Bleeder The SITEMA Auto Bleeder has been specially designed for the use with a SITEMA clamping head. It makes sure that the hydraulic system is constantly bled. Air bubbles in the hydraulic fluid might combust spontaneously under certain conditions (so-called Diesel effect). As a consequence, seals and sealing surfaces can be damaged, causing leakages. Clamping heads are especially susceptible for this phenomenon, as they have only a very small hydraulic volume and are not flushed through at each activation. Air can therefore easily accumulate in the clamping head. This is the reason why the usual initial bleeding at commissioning is often not enough, especially when the line leading to the clamping head points upwards...

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