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KFE Special customer requirements Applications Overview Presses Machine Tools Automatization + Feeders Lifting Gear + Mobile Hydraulics Production Technology Special Machinery CAD Download Contact Electric Locking Unit The electric Locking Unit KFE is used as a stepless locking device on round rods and holds axial forces in both load directions without axial play. It is used where hydraulic or pneumatic solutions are not possible. The holding force is created by the proven spring-operated clamping system as it is used in SITEMA’s hydraulically or pneumatically operated Locking Units. At a drop of the control voltage or in case of failure of the electric supply, the Locking Unit KFE clamps automatically. Therefore, it is also suitable for use in safety relevant applications. To operate the Locking Unit KFE, a supply voltage of 24 V and a control signal for the input command “clamp/release” are sufficient. The Locking Unit is self-monitoring and provides output signals...

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