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  • Automatic (Bio)Methane analyzer - Yieldmaster

Automatic (Bio)Methane analyzer - Yieldmaster

Automated real-time online Gas Analyzer for (Bio)Methane Potential tests (BMP)


Automatic parallel online determination of (bio)methane potential is essential to ensure the effectivity of biogas production. Yieldmaster simplifies the search for the right substrae and guarantees maximums yields for your biogas process. Using Yieldmaster minimum gas flows are not necesseray. The Yieldmaster (BCS-CH4 biogas) consists of CH4 infrared gas sensors, precision volumeters and BAcVis or BlueVis software. It can be used from small vessels (500mL) up to big lab fermenters. Data is recorded consistently. Using date from the integrated temperature measurement BacVis or BlueVis calculate the standard volume automatically. Sensors measure directly in the fermenter which means no data is lost and errors caused by gas leakage etc. are minimized. The compensating reservoir device guarantees complete measurement under all circumstances. In combination with BlueVCount (Yieldmaster 2.0) simultaneous measurement of methane and gas volumes is feasable.

Product information

Measured entity
gas,carbon dioxide,methane,biogas
Measured value
gas concentration, gas volume
Type of measurement
online, realtime