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BlueSens is your specialist for gas analysis, focused on bioprocesses from lab to industrial scales. Founded in 2001 we have more than 15 years of experience and are market leader in gas analysis solutions. Our philosophy is to measure it where it happens when it happens. With our high quality sensors we serve our customers from all over the world working in pharma, food, feed, bioproduction as well as biogas sector. BlueSens´ products work independent from scale and are compatible with most bioreactor types. It´s our objective to offer our customer best quality, an appealing price/performance ratio and best possible service. No matter if you need single process sensors (O2, CO2, CH4, H2, EtOH), combined gas sensors (BlueVary, BlueInOne) or complete systems (eg Yieldmaster) we assist you in finding the right solution for your bioprocess. All sensors are produced in Germany following our strictest quality guidelines. Software and additional equipment as well as production of OEM sensors are rounding off our product portfolio. Do you have questions or try to solve an untypical problem? Contact us we are well known for our excellent customer service. US customers can directly contact our US subsidiary.

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Online real-time measurement of O2 in biotechnological processes is especially helpful and delivers important information about the acutal status of the culture. No matter if fermentation, bioproduction, scale-up study or else knowing the oxygen concentration directly in the process is essentiel for the success of the process. Oxygen limitations or exceeding certain values can be dected and actions of regulation can be done in time. The measurement principle of BCP-O2ec is an electrochemical principle which can cover - after being calibrated - the whole spectrum of 0-100%vol O2. Like the other sensors of the BCP series it fits on almost every fermenter, every pipe from lab to industrial scale and is very easy to install and needs only few maintenance. BCP sensors can be ordered with aluminium or plastic housing, depending on what you like and where you will apply them.


Monitoring of oxygen concentrations in bioprocesses in real time offers the possibility to learn about the actual metabolic state of the culture and use the information for process optimization. Values like OUR, OTR, RQ or even feeding strategies are essential for process control and optmization. BCP-O2 oxygen analyzers in the simple PA housing have a space saving design and are suitable for small scale stuides (e.g experiments in shake flasks) up to industrial scale processes. Due to the integrated automated temperature and pressure compensation gas cooling, specific valves or pipes are unnecessary. Gas concentrations can be measured directly in the process without expentiture.


BlueVCount measures gas volumes in reactions of all kind. It is applicable for fermentations, degradation studies, substrate comparison studies, wastewater treatment, bioethanol or hydrogen production and is especially helpful in bio methane potential (BMP) determinations in industry and academia. Gas volume measurement delivers important information about the process and helps to optimize yields and process procedures. BlueVCount is a volume measuring unit with a 1 ml cylinder that is equipped with an oil (special) sealed magnetic piston. It counts how often 1 ml gas comes through the cylinder and reports it to the integrated display or via Modbus RTU to a software (e.g. BlueVIS). A minimum flow is not necessary.


Off gas analysis in bioprocesses delivers important informatione about respiratory activity like CTR from which actions for process optimization and scale-up can be deduced from. The BCP-CO2 analyzer with PA housing will help you to understand and control your processes better. The CO2 analyzer BCP-CO2 services for application in fermenters and bioreactors of any scale. No matter if you are working in big stainless steel tanks, shake flasks (using PES adapters) , disposable, single-use or parallel reactorsthe BCP-CO2 PA is easy to install, doesn´t need much maintenance and offers an integrated, automatic pressure and temperature compensation. BCP-CO2 PA measures directly in the process. Additional pipes are not necessary.

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