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Bamboo ecofriendly way


if you are trying to cut down the amount of plastic, paper and other disposable materials you’re using there are many eco-friendly bamboo products you can use instead. our list of eco-friendly bamboo products has sustainable swaps to cut down plastic when you’re on the go, in the kitchen, bathroom or around the home. bamboo is much more sustainable than plastic and paper because it’s fast growing, renewable, absorbs large amounts of co2 and produces more oxygen than other plants. unlike trees, bamboo forests can rejuvenate themselves in 3 to 5 years and thrive without the need to use pesticides. it has some great natural properties too like being antibacterial, super strong and capable of filtering air and water. this flexibility makes bamboo perfect for a huge range of purposes. after use many bamboo products can simply be composted and will biodegrade naturally in just a couple of years, although fabrics may take a little longer.

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