BARDON GROUP - Fabricant de farines et charges végétales à partir de coques de noyaux de fruits


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Our vegetal fillers are composed of either olive stone flour or walnut shell flour. They are intended for the following industries: Fillers for glues: phenolics, melamine Fillers for solid explosives (public works) Fillers for bakelite/melamine-molding powder Insulation for wood-fired oven (Dusting flour to be used between something to bake and oven) Herbalism Brick alveolation and refractory materials Insulation for small foundry molds Additives for dosing vitamins in animal feed Petroleum industry: drilling mud Our product is sold in a 25kg bag or 1-ton big bag. Below is our list of products by grain size and average density: Insulation: from 0.10 to 0.315mm - from 550 to 650gr/L 100/200: from 0.10 to 0.20mm - from 470 to 570gr/L CN250: from 0 to 0.315mm - from 520 to 640gr/L CN200: from 0 to 0.20mm - from 520 to 640gr/L CN180: from 0 to 0.18mm - from 480 to 580gr/L CN100: from 0 to 0.10mm - from 450 to 520gr/L

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Our abrasives are a mixture of different shells from walnut shell, almond shell and pine nut shell.These are used in a variety of ways: sandblasting, polishing, tribofinishing, air-scrubbing as well as industrial applications: petrochemicals, aeronautics, automotive, marine, electronics, electricity, plastics, rubber (petroleum industry). Our product is sold in a 25kg bag or 1-ton big bag. Below is our list of products by grain size and average density: CAG: from 1,7 to 2,4mm - from 650 to 800gr/L 12/3E: from 1,4 to 1,7mm - from 640 to 780gr/L 12/3: from 1 à 1,7mm - from 640 to 780gr/L 16/5: from 0,75 to 1,4mm - from 610 to 750gr/L 3/6: from 0,45 to 1mm - from 600 to 740gr/L 4/6: from 0,45 to 0,75mm - from 600 to 740gr/L 6/12G: from 0,28 to 0,45mm - from 600 to 740gr/L 6/12: from 0,20 to 0,45mm - from 600 to 740gr/L

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In order to meet growing demand and specific requirements, we are developing a specific line to be used in cosmetics products, which is sold under ‘Lignocosm’ brand. We offer olive stone-based flour as well as walnut shell-based flour. These are also used for manufacturing cleaning products. C200: from 0,10 to 0,20mm - from 470 to 570gr/L CN300L: from 0,10 to 0,315mm - from 550 to 650gr/L

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Flour made from crushed olive stone pits, our ‘Fleurette Bardon’ (registered trademark), is a technological aid designed to be used in bakeries for bread-baking. Our product has multiple properties. Odorless Tasteless Natural insulation for cooking products exposed to high temperature in wood-fired oven The flour is applied as a protective layer between the baking sheet and the product to be baked. Thus, even at a very high temperature, there is no carbonization or burn stains in the oven and even on the baked products. Our flour disappears while the oven is running. The product can be also used for pizza-baking wood-fired oven. Flour is sold in a 25kg bag.

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BARDON GROUP, almost a century old company, is specialized in the production of flours, vegetable fillers and abrasives from fruit kernel shells. Our stocks allow us to guarantee short delivery times with a constant production quality. We market a range of standard products, but we can also study and manufacture on specific request. We are concerned about following a positive environmental approach: •Natural and valorized products: all our raw materials are natural and are issued from a first manufacture in order to use the product in its entirety. All our finished products also remain natural. •Decarbonated energy: we use electricity produced 97% without CO2 and produce part of our electricity thanks to a turbine connected to our canal •0 waste and circular approach: the waste from our production is sold as organic amendment or biomass.

Latest company news

An Annual Olive Harvest

An Annual Olive Harvest

Latest project ・ 4 Jan 2022

Located in the heart of Provence, Bardon Group is surrounded by olives trees. The company has organized an annual olive harvest every year. This year, Dominique Bardon, the company’s owner hosted this annual event with his son, Guillaume Bardon, who joined the company in September. This year has been a bumper crop. In total, they picked 530kg of olives, which were transformed into a whopping 97L of olive oil.


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83490 Le Muy - France


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