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Binology is an engineering and technology company that develops a set of solutions for the urban environment to ensure the efficient collection of solid municipal waste (MSW) at the generation area, waste management and recyclables collection, efficient and cost-effective disposal processes. Binology LLC was established in 2018 in Moscow, Russia, developing smart city equipment, while our team has more than 12 years of experience in waste management field and equipment production. The solution is based on smart and technologically advanced municipal waste containers equipped with a press compactor, solar panels, a filling-level measuring system, various sensors and other features of the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as ultrasonic fill-level sensors for conventional municipal waste bins, various containers and bunkers, managed by cloud-based software. The company's developments can reduce the cost of waste management activities, introduce separate waste collection, and provide an opportunity to generate additional revenue for the collected waste and recyclables. Evolve the cost-effectiveness of waste management with Binology solutions: - Up to 75% costs reduction on waste collection processes. - Up to 80% CO2 emissions cut with smart planning and dynamic routing. - Up to 80% savings on service, cleaning and maintenance over conventional street bins. - Up to 70% staff efficient work time release. - Up to 90% saved recyclables share from MSW in high foot traffic areas!

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SmartCity Bin 120 is a street waste compacting bin with fill-level measurement system, operating on sustainable solar power. It is an automatic urban trash container for outdoor use, supplied with solar panel, built-in compactor, fill-level measurement system based on innovative algorithm Equipped with air pressure, humidity, temperature and air quality sensors. Galvanized steel vandalproof housing, separate locks on each door, hands safety sensor and fire detection system with smart firefight algorithm stand for high safety standards. Stylish NB-IoT automatic garbage bins, supplied with advanced controlling and energy safe algorithms and real time data transfer – the face of smart city street landscape!


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SCSS 2 represents an innovative smart city solution for separate waste collection. It consists of two solar powered trash containers in a solid connection. One container is designed for general unsorted landfill waste collection and supplied with built-in press, which allows 8-times compaction and secure storage. The second dust bin has any compaction feature and aimed for the accumulation of recyclable materials. Both containers in Separation Station 2 are supplied with separate fill-level measurement systems for accurate data collection. Integrated IoT controlling module will keep you informed about each fraction filling status on SmartCity Management dashboard.


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Global Zero Waste initiatives and challenging environmental issues resulted in national waste separation, reuse & recycle programs. Considering modern day market requests, Binology introduces smart IoT solution for efficient urban waste separate collection – SmartCity Separation Station 3. It is a self-sustainable solar paneled urban rubbish separation station, which consists of two and up to ten allied trash containers for manual separation of such valuable recyclables as: paper and cardboard, recyclable plastic, metal, glass etc. The central element of the station is the container for landfill waste, with compaction feature, while satellite containers are non-compacting, but all equipped with own fullness level advanced sensor system. Using SmartCity Management software, becomes simple to recognize the amount of each type collected waste.


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SmartCity Bin Indoor TV is a smart IoT solution from Binology for the indoor use with advanced advertising possibilities. This smart bin is specially designed as a brand-new opportunity for the efficient indoor waste management, supplied with two 43’’ high resolution LED screens and remote content manager at your service! Indoor smart dust bin from Binology combines sanitary waste collection and storage with stylish and technologically advanced marketing instruments. “Clean hands” technology with build-in foot pedal in basic setup! Tight closing shutter won’t let the unpleasant odours out, while real-time fill-level monitoring and smart notification system help to prevent overfilling. Optimize controlling and operational costs, keep track on air quality, temperature, pressure and humidity of the environment, collect data and create reports with SmartCity Management cloud service and mobile App!

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Binology case study in "Serebryany Bor", Moscow

Product launch ・ 1 Mar 2021

Binology project in "Serebryany Bor" housing complex in Moscow. The eco-concept of the complex is very harmoniously integrated into our system of separate waste collection. Smart City Separation Station 3 was installed as part of a walk-in separate waste collection system. In this way we have divided the waste generated by the residents into unsorted waste, which is reduced in volume by compacting in the station, and recyclables, which are collected in two other bins - in one: glass, plastic, metal (packaging) - in the second: paper, cardboard. A contract was signed with a recycling operator for the removal and disposal of recyclable materials, which allowed us to change the existing treatment scheme in which residents used only waste bins without separating the waste. Waste was transported by the operator at a flat rate, resulting in a significant overpayment, and valuable fractions of secondary raw materials were transported to landfills.


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