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Blickle is one of the world's leading producers of wheels and castors. The company stocks over 30, 000 different products in its standard range. Blickle develops special solutions for special requirements. Today, the company produces more than 15 million wheels, swivel and fixed castors annually. The wheels and castors can be used in all kinds of machinery and transportation devices, such as in intralogistics, mechanical and plant engineering and the food industry. The company was founded in 1953. Blickle initially manufactured wheelbarrow wheels. This resulted in a range of high-quality wheels, swivel and fixed castors. In 1967, the first overseas sales company was established. Today, Blickle is represented by 18 dedicated sales companies in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia, as well as by exclusive agencies in over 120 countries worldwide.

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Compact castors combine a particularly impressive load capacity with a low mounting height. Some of these castors can support loads of up to 700 kg, with a total height of just 112 mm. Compact twin castors can handle even more: up to 1750 kg with a total height of just 125 mm. They are perfectly suited for reducing the risk of tall and heavy furniture tipping over due to a high centre of gravity. That’s why they are frequently used for server racks or control cabinets. Compact castors are the first choice when significant load capacities are required despite space being at a premium, such as under a hospital bed.


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Light duty castors and wheels are mainly used for less demanding applications requiring a load capacity of up to 280 kg. They are designed for speeds of up to 3 km/h and therefore more frequently used indoors.Typical applications of light duty castors are medical equipment, display bases or equipment for large-scale catering establishments.


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Electrically conductive wheels and antistatic wheels and castors are used in almost every industrial setting, from medical engineering, electrical and semi-conductor industries to the automotive industry, hospitals, pharmaceuticals and other chemical industrial sectors. These wheels and castors are used everywhere protection against electrostatic discharge is required. Operators and sensitive goods are particularly susceptible to the electrostatic discharge that can be generated by transport units or by transported goods.


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Muscular and skeletal problems are the most common reasons for people being unable to work, particularly if they have a job that frequently involves physically strenuous activity like pushing and pulling loads. The electric drive systems of the Blickle ErgoMove® series reduce these health risks considerably. The effort required for pulling and pushing is reduced by up to 100 %. The physical strain on the operator is decreased during internal material transport due to the considerably lower amount of effort required compared with manual operation. Equipment and transport units of any kind can be quickly and easily upgraded with a “plug & play” electric drive, steering and braking assistance. The modular sets include two fixed castors with electric drive, cockpit solutions with integrated controls and battery unit as well as all relevant safety features.


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