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Packaging laminates Multi-layer laminated foils Fatra Folam® are designed mainly for the production of so-called flexible packages. These areal materials are mostly of foil type and their basic layer is formed by BOPET film. Processed materials PET paper PE PP Al PET (polyethylene-terephthalate) is a hard and clear polymer material with extremely good mechanical features. It shows excellent tear resistance; it can resist to high pressure volumes without braking, which is used in the production of packages for beverages – PET bottles. PET material is suitable also for the production of extruded foils. Subsequent biaxial stretching of the foil (in both directions) improves significantly the strength in both directions. It forms the required packaging material known for example from gift packs, or as a baking foil. In the foil form, PET is very resistant against water steam and gas permeability providing protection to packaged products, it also resists to effects of oils and fats...

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