Bar Feeders for Machine Tools

Multi 3000 SL
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The basis of short bar loader Multi 3000SL was developed in Switzerland. It was specially designed for turning machine types with a large distance between machine cover and spindle end. The bar feeder is supplied as standard with a Z-axis sliding unit to ensure free access to the Spindle Liner. This makes it easy to change the spindle insert tube. The Bar Loading Magazine is manufactured in Germany with first-class materials and components. The MULTI-3000SL guarantees long-term reliability. It impresses with its service and environmentally friendly design. It is also a fully electric and servo-controlled magazine. Due to the easy access to all parts it is extremely user-friendly. It is very simple to understand and therefore easy to operate. Due to the well thought-out design, set-up and changeover is possible within 2-5 minutes. The patented lifting mechanism guarantees an impact-free and fast loading cycle.

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55232 Alzey - Germany