The RESISTOMAT® model 2320 is a universally applicable and easy to operate measurement device for low-ohmic resistances. The light and handy device in a stable IP54 plastic housing with membrane keypad is likewise suitable for use in service, laboratory or on the production floor. The power supply is done via built-in rechargeable battery packs or by standard batteries. If need be, the temperature of samples can be measured and the sample resistance is subsequently compensated to fit the value at 20°C. This applies for samples with resistances depending on the sample’s temperature. The temperature coefficients for copper and aluminium are included as standard. A third and fourth coefficient may be set individually for any given material to be measured. Features: — Measuring ranges from 40 mΩ to 4 kΩ — Resolution up to 10 μΩ — Measuring accuracy 0.05 % Rdg. — Autorange — Temperature compensation — Bipolar measurement — Input voltage protection up to 415 Vrms

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Product features

Measurement accuracy < ± 0.05 % rdg.
Measurement display 4000 counts

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