Bending steel

bending up to 5000 mm and pressure of 225 tons


Our CNC presses can bend metal elements up to 5000 mm in total length, applying a pressure force of 225 tons, using an extensive inventory of bending tools to allow for forming even the most complicated elements. We use 3D model extension calculation software. Our machines are compatible with the majority of CAD formats. The CNC press is the main component required for bending a sheet of metal. It has a range of applications as well as specific limitations. However, the element that determines if a bending operation is feasible is the proper bending tool (matrix, punch). ESTIMET has a wide selection of all types of bending tools, which allow us to complete even the most non-standard and demanding bending operations. More informations about our bending possibillities you can find on our website:

Bending - steels and metals
  • aluminium sheet bending
  • cnc bending
  • CNC bending parts

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