Black rice flour


Premium Black Rice Flour Green food from Russia. Gluten-free Wholegrain With antioxidants. ARATAY rice flour is made of whole unpolished black rice, which contains the germ and outer shell most valuable for nutrition. It is made of the unique variety of black rice bred in Russia - MULATKA. Our rice is grown on fertile soils in the Krasnodar Territory, Russia. We use gentle technology that means 2 times fewer fertilizers and fungicides. ARATAY rice contains x50 antioxidants comparing to white rice. Rice flour retains all the beneficial properties of black rice. It turns any baked goods into superfoods.

Flour and semolina
  • rice flours
  • Food - import-export
  • agricultural products

Product features

Made From Black Rice
Certification HACCP
Max. Moisture (%) 1%
Fineness (%) 100%
Processing Type raw
Grade Food
Shelf life 18 Months
Packaging BAG
Weight (kg) 25 kg
Type All-Purpose Flour

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