Black rice round grain


Premium Black Rice Round Grain from Russia. Glutinous. For sushi, rolls and baby food Green food Cereal grains Gluten free With antioxidants. ARATAY rice is grown on fertile soils in the Krasnodar Territory, Russia. We use gentle technology that means 2 times less fertilizers and fungicides We created a new unique variety of black rice SMUGLYANKA and made it a superfood. It contains x50 antioxidants comparing to white rice. It is glutinous. Perfect for sushi. rolls and baby food. ARATAY rice retains more nutrients and antioxidants when boiled. It is the result of targeted selection. Our rice stays natural and unpolished. It retains the top shell useful for health and the germ of the grain. ARATAY rice is recommended for breastfeeding women to strengthen the immune system. It reduces cholesterol levels. Useful in diabetes. It makes the skin healthier, strengthens hair and nails. It reduces the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

  • Food - import-export
  • round grain rice
  • cereal middlings

Product features

Texture hard
Kind Brown Rice
Variety Round Grain Rice
Style Dried
Color Black
Cultivation Type Common
Broken Ratio (%) 8%
Max. Moisture (%) 14%
Admixture (%) 0,04%
Crop Year Current year
Certification SGS

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