For dosing large-volume doughs.


•For dosing cakes into moulds of different shapes and sizes. •The mixture can have solid particles incorporated. •Exact dosage of the product from 100 to 1,500 cc, •The dosage is volumetric and the number of doses for each stop can be configured from the screen, in case more doses are needed to fill the mould. •It can work with delicate masses. Different elements of the dosing machine can be custom-configured: type of dosing nozzles, heated tank, conveyor belt, topping dispenser, etc., and adapted to the characteristics of the product to be dispensed. •TO MAKE: marble cake, musician's cake, plumcake, mouse cake, cheesecake, chocolate cake, etc.

Cakes and pastries, factory-baked
  • cake & pastry production systems and equipment
  • cake machine
  • Cakes and pastries, factory-baked

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