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Although we are felt pen specialists for the make-up industry, we realise that many customers are searching for pens with a brush applicator and "made in Europe". Although this technology is complex to master due to the low capillarity of their fibers compared to felt tips, our technological advance on inks has allowed us to successfully test different packaging combinations and inks. Furthermore, we have invented a new feature for packaging that reduces the unloading effect in the "upward" position. A typical characteristic in models available on the market.


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Intensity, ease of use, reliability and durability We supply a range of carbon black eyeliners, whose technology is based on controlling the sedimentation of the black pigment, as well as perfect mastery of the physicochemical parameters of the ink in relation to the porosity and density of the filter cartridge and the applicator. Our basic formula consists of a treated non-nano carbon black. Our products range from a choice of long-lasting to waterproof formulas and different preservation systems. Characteristics Packaging: waterproof, heat resistant, long shelf life Stable formula: the pen does not need to be stored tip down Nanoparticles free (tested also on finished product, see SIKEMIA test report. Intense black Smear-proof, does not bleed into wrinklesand is suitable for contact lens wearers Different types of applicators are available Choice of formulas Different preservation systems (with or without parabens) Ophthalmologically tested Öko-Test compatible


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Long-lasting colour for the eyes and lips Our elegant eye and lip pens have been developed using a well-tried and tested liquid formula that aims at reducing dehydration of the lips, avoiding bleeding and smudging and guaranteeing colour stability and a long-lasting effect. Their felt tip allows extremely precise application. The collection includes over 30 shades that are regularly supplemented with new colours. The collection also includes a corrector pen (white body, black applicator) to correct any imperfections resulting from application. Characteristics Packaging: waterproof, heat resistant, long shelf life Stable formula: no variation upon drying Long-lasting Smear-proof, does not bleed into wrinkles and issuitable for contact lens wearers Applicators are available in different forms and thicknesses.


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Historic To address our customer’s needs and the market’s trend, we have launched in 2013 a jumbo pen for the lips make-up. This pen benefit of our range of formulations and colors developed for our eye and lipliners. Characteristics Air tight container, resistance to heat, long shelf life Stable formulation, no color change while drying Long-lasting Smudge proof, smear proof, convenient for contact lens wearers Available from stock in 6 assorted shades.

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With over 20 years' experience in cosmetics, CALYPSO MARKETING creates and produces a wide range of make-up pencils for eyes, lips and the skin. Pioneers in our market, we created the very first carbon black eye-liner formulations. Today we have several formulations that range from "water resistant" to "super waterproof" including nano particle-free versions. Our colour range now has over 30 references.

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Calypso Cosmetics was established in 1994 and started the activity of eye and lip make-up felt tip pens contract manufacturing in 2005 benefiting of 20 years of experience of his founder in the field of cosmetics. We benefit of modern and clean room facilities, full automatic filling, assembly, coding and labelling line, hot stamping printing, foil transfer printing as well as experts in formulation and safety assessment. We offer a range of formulation and colours. Our product range is made of a felt tip pen, a free ink cartridge pen (brush or eyebrow applicator) and a unique dip liner. We have just developed a new black mat waterproof formula!


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