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Crocin , one of the active components of saffron has showed strong antioxidant effects. Saffron and its Crocins are potential anti-cancer and also a hypolipidemic and antioxidant agent, protects brain against excessive oxidative stress, protective on ischemic heart, useful in alleviation of cognitive deficits, possesses significant anti-proliferation effects on human prostate and colorectal cancer cells, aphrodisiac activity, immunomodulatory, beneficial in diabetic neuropathy treatment, effects glucose uptake and insulin sensitivity and too many other activities. Crocin showed various pharmacological effects on the nervous system such as antianxiety activity, antidepressant effects, aphrodisiac properties, learning and memoryenhancement.1 Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia, in which the death of brain cells causes memory loss and cognitive decline. Several factors are thought to play roles in the development and course of AD.

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Natural dye are not only having dyeing property but also having the wide range of medicinal properties.Nowdays, fortunately , there is increasing awareness among people towards natural dyes and also functional food and drink. Due to not toxic properties , less side effect , more medicinal value,natural dye are use in food and drink .Crocin of saffron the most valuable products used in functional products as coloring and flavoring agent. This properties are basically related to food grade crocin thate have crocin,picrocrocin and safranal..

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The tincture of crocin grade cosmetic used to remove pimples and sootherashes in persian traditional medicine mostly by Avicenna wordly physician who live thousand years ago.As one of the Persian traditional medication ,saffron has been used in order to shine, lighten the skin and reduce dark pigment , dark circle under the eyes, acne, and pimple.It is suspected that crocin inhibits active compound DNA damage, or acts as an activator for DNA excision repair enzyme. Furthermore, crocin of saffron has anti-solar effect and can absorb UV rays of sun and used in formulation of lotions or creams.

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CET-Co is an independent and cooperative engineering consultant, which has specialised in the development and construction of sugar factory systems and processes. CET-Co is an international company, which is led by experienced sugar factory engineers and technologists, who know the entire process of sugar manufacture from first-hand experience. CET-Co is a trading company and joint venture for selling: – Used and new machinery for the sugar industry. – Excipients and additives for the food, feed, chemical, paper, petrochemical, oil and refinery and pharmaceutical industry. – Citric acid. – Sodium bicarbonate (of a quality appropriate for food and animal feed). – Saffron and other herbal medicines from Iran. – Crocin. – Medicinal herbs.


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12165 Berlin - Germany


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  • Machinery and equipment, used and reconditioned
  • citric acid
  • sodium bicarbonate
  • saffron
  • medicinal herbs
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