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The new alternative to amorphous PET pellets: In an innovative process developed by cpc, the material is directly post-crystallised. In this way, we are continuing the development from discontinuous crystallisation to underwater strand pelletisation and underwater pelletisation to direct post-crystallisation.

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The importance of additives. Behind the Color Masterbatch, additives are often regarded as “colorless” companion. However, their significance is far more substantial. Additives can have a decisive impact on product manufacturing and product life cycles. Optimise manufacturing processes. In the manufacturing process, additives are important. As required, cavities can be filled more easily, for example, in the injection molding process, parts can be removed from the molds or deposits can be avoided. The profitability of the production process can also be decisively improved: additives can minimize cycle times or reduce processing temperatures. We would like to inform you about the scope for optimising your production processes. Add more values. In addition, additives protect thermoplasts and generate additional properties. Thus antioxidants, both during the thermal forming process and in the application, enable the resistance of the polymer against destructive temperature

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Colorbatch. Colors evoke associations and feelings. Marketing is making use of this effect. Color designers select the coloration of a packaging specifically. cpc converts this ideal idea into perfect colorbatch – for all common plastics and, of course, in the trend colors of the season. High quality and environmentally friendly raw materials. For our Colorbatch, we traditionally process pigments and colors of the highest quality. In order not to endanger humans and nature unnecessarily, we only use raw materials which are free of harmful heavy metals. We follow the sustainability principle: “as little as possible, as much as necessary”. This is the only way to guarantee the highest product quality.

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Effectively more market success. Effects effectively promote sales. The special program of cpc is correspondingly in demand. cpc research has already developed convincing product innovations. The extensive product range also includes combined color additive blends. Their formulation require a lot of skill and experience. Multify concentrate. The patented fiber-retaining plastic “Multify”, gives surfaces an attractive textile character. The automotive industry opened up “Multify” new market potentials, which are still used to the utmost.

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Color Plastic Chemie Albert Schleberger GmbH has specialised in the development and manufacture of masterbatches and additives since 1968. We use a wide variety of plastic carriers (PS, ABS, SAN, PET, PE, PP, PC, TPU, and many more) to create colour solutions to provide our customers with the optimal solutions. We also offer on-site colour adjustment (Colour Mobile Service), which ensures that we can provide a smooth product adjustment. Our masterbatch product range also includes compounds, pigments, liquid dyes and special batches (effect pigments, Multify concentrates and combination batches). The varied range of additives includes: Anti-fog agents, UV protection, flame retardants, antistatic agents, antiblock agents, etc. Our solutions are successfully used in applications for the construction, automotive, electrical, cosmetics and food industry, as well as for medical technology and the general packaging industry.



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