MAXIMUM AUTOMATION Your wish: highest automation in chip management with highest medium purity and availability? Your product: combistream CS4. As a full flow filtration solution, combistream CS4 permanently provides both the low-pressure and the high-pressure system with up to 30 μm pure coolant.

Conveyor systems
  • maximum automation
  • automation in chip management
  • full flow filtration solution

Product features

Equipment Size varies with machine; weight varies with expansion stage
Operation Cutting oil Water emulsion (min. 8 % oil content)
Chip conveyor, machine tank filtration depending on the machine
Filtration concept Full flow filtration high- and low-pressure
Flow rate & pressure High- and low-pressure system varies with the version 80–300 bar 9–45 l/min
High-pressure filtration Exchangeable filter (25 μm) also as twin coupling filter Cascading filter 500/25 μm
Service connections Up to 10 controllable service connections

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