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Since 2001, CORNILLÉ, an expert in the processing of bovine by-products has been collecting 120, 000 tonnes of raw materials each year in the Grand-Ouest area from its partners, the abattoirs and cutting plants of the French food conglomerates AGROMOUSQUETAIRES (SVA Jean Rozé) and BIGARD. These by-products are transformed into fats, dehydrated proteins and bone minerals. CORNILLÉ has chosen to respect the hierarchy of uses by favouring the most relevant uses with the highest societal added value for its processes, such as Human Food, Livestock Feed, Pet Food, Oleochemicals, Biofuels and Fertilisers. CORNILLÉ is committed to working with its partners to reduce its carbon footprint and to contribute to a circular economy based on the use of renewable and sustainable resources: • we use renewable resources collected in France and recover 100% of them in biosourced products. • we produce biosourced proteins and fats with a much lower carbon footprint than imported vegetable proteins and oils (soybean, palm oil). • we optimise our energy and water consumption and permanently reduce our environmental impact. For example, we use decarbonated steam derived from the energy recovery of our waste. • For 70% of our heat requirements, as a substitute for fossil fuels, we use the decarbonated steam produced by SAVE.


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