Dynamic checkweigher


Checkweighing for dry areas and non-food applications Bizerba CWDmaxx series checkweighers are designed as entry-level checkweighing models for up to 250 weighings per minute. With an IP54 protection level the CWDmaxx is the first choice for all applications not requiring wet cleaning. It is built with a modular construction allowing for configurations of up to 5 belt modules to be made on one checkweigher, tailored to the specific application or areas that it is sited. Additionally the checkweighing systems are extremely flexible. Due to the modular design all the Bizerba checkweighing systems can easily be integrated with existing inspection systems to include x-ray food, food metal detectors and vision inspection systems. You may also be looking for weigh price labelling systems. Our GLM-Ievo range can boast a labelling speed of up to 170 packages per minute. The dynamic checkweighing system CWDmaxx is ideal for non food, we have an entire range of inspection systems for all...

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Product images and technical information could deviate and may not be available in your country. Data Sheet (PDF; 359 kB) Technical Facts CWDmaxx 1500 (PDF; 643 kB) Technical Facts CWDmaxx 3000 (PD

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