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Cable Fixations; Universal-, Cross-, Clip-Binding

Cable Binder to secure cables to aluminum profiles, different designs


Cable fixation, to secure cables to aluminum profiles different versions: Cable Binding Block univeral or with customized hammer Clip Cable Binder - 1 or 2 chambers, to fix cables without the need for cable ties, can be opened and closed again Cross Cable Binder Block, with / without Velcro (bracket), to secure cables to aluminum profilesin two directions Cross Cable Binder Block D28 for Tubular Frame Profiles, to fasten cables and tubes parallel to the slot Snap-Cable-Binding, to attach of cables securely and quick and without cable ties, with strain relief different assembly: — using a hammer head nut, screw, slot nut, etc. — with Hammer, can be mounted into the slot by a quarter turn — click-in assembly — clampable Material: PA plastic / glass fiber reinforced; Plastic PE; FPM 70; electrostatical discharging Color: black other sizes, other colors on request

Fastening devices
  • wireconnector for aluminium profiles
  • tyingwrap power line
  • cable duct for machinconstruction

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