Cable measurement device VCPX5

Device VCPX5 for measuring cable samples according to standard IEC 60811


The cable measuring device VCPX5 is designed for geometrical measurements for core insulations and cable sheaths. Due to the robust construction and the very easy operation, the VCPX5 is especially suited for use in production processes as a quick, accurate and secure measuring solution. A specialty of the device is its high resolution of up to 2µm, which easily enables measurements according to the standards IEC 60811-201; 202; 203 [previous version = IEC 60811-1-1]. The VCPX5 stands out due to its high measuring range flexibility. Cable samples with an outer diameter from 0 – 130 mm can easily be measured automatically and quickly. The optimally pre-set optics as well as the pre-set sample illumination reduce the user influence to a minimum. Due to the excellent accuracy and repeatability, easy operation as well as the reasonable price, cable manufacturers are able to reduce costs immediately.

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Product features

Size (width x length x height) 560 x 600 x 910 mm (22x23.6x35.8 Inch)
Weight 54 kg (119 lbs)
Supply Voltage 110 - 230 V; 50 - 60 Hz
Input Power max. 100 Watt
Resolution (1) 2 mm width = 2 μm/Pixel
Resolution (2) 130 mm width = 21 μm/Pixel
Lighting LED
Camera customised 1-3 Cameras
Measuring range S 0 - 5 mm (0 - 0.2“)
Measuring range M 5 - 40 mm (0.2 - 1.6“)
Measuring range L 40 - 130 mm (1.6 - 5.1“)
Examples of combinations SM, ML or SML

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