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Cardiogoal Starter Set

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Cardiogoal is a new team sport that pits two mixed teams of 6 players against each other: 4 players on the field and 2 substitutes who enter and leave freely. The game consists of passing the ball through one of the three coloured circles (yellow-blue-red) placed vertically at a total height of 3 metres. Each ring color corresponds to a number of points (red: 15 points, blue: 10 points, yellow: 5 points). The team with the most points wins the game. Cardiogoal is a sport inspired by the Luc-léger test (endurance and speed test) and various other sports such as Ultimate, basketball, handball, or American football. Based on attack defense, it offers a fast, effective game for cardio, endurance, speed, resistance, skill, technique, team spirit and fair play development (because contact is prohibited). Cardiogoal can be played from the age of 7 and is also suitable for wheelchair players. Cardiogoal can be practiced anywhere: indoor, on grass, on sand or on synthetic ground. Our...

Product features

Ref. M491170
Brand Cardiogoal
Age As from 7 years old

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