Cartridge emptying ViscoMT-C / 180 ml, 310 ml

Eurocartridges, 600 ml, 950 ml / media supply to dispenser


The cartridge emptying ViscoMT-C offers the possibility to empty 180 ml cartridges, 310 ml Euro cartridges and 600 ml or 950 ml cartridges in industrial use. Your advantages: - Plunger without direct air supply - Supply of media to the dispenser(s) - Venting option after cartridge change - electrical "empty" and "almost empty" message Controls: - Pressure sensor for inlet pressure control - Pneumatic pressure reducer for pre-pressure adjustment Application: - for low-viscosity media up to viscous media - Media examples: Silicones, adhesives, resins, greases, color pastes, metal-filled pastes Necessary and optional components: Dispenser suitable for dosing (separate article)

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