Metal-free dispenser 4RD6-EC-MF

100 % metal-free in the area in contact with the product
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In order to avoid chemical reactions such as curing or crystallization during the dosing process, any contact with metal in the area in contact with the material in the dispenser was avoided. The materials used have been carefully selected: On the one hand with regard to chemical resistance to adhesives and other fluids and on the other hand with regard to highest resistance to physical wear by abrasive media. Highly reactive materials such as sulfuric acid, anaerobic UV curing acrylates and electrolytes require special treatment. They can be dosed with highest accuracy and best repeatability. The new metal-free dispenser can be easily installed on existing ViscoTec drive technologies and offers the same advantages as other proven dispensers from the portfolio of the dosing technology specialist. The metal-free dispenser is available in many sizes.

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84513 Töging A. Inn - Germany