Frame made of aluminium profile bars connected by "Tox" connections - Intumescent gas, smoke and flame tight seal in case of fire - Restraint security - Hidden latches - Screwed GKF gypsum plasterboards - Quick and easy installation The 60-minute ceiling fire dampers are designed for installation in false ceilings for self-contained fire protection, one of the requirements being "combustible load only on the room side" and the fire resistance class being EI 60. They provide effective protection against fire progression from the room into the false ceiling area. The integrated aluminium frame is equipped with a fire stop. The cover of the inspection hatch is fitted with a DF fire protection plate and protected against smoke entry by a versatile all-round seal. The cover is secured on both sides by automatic safety hooking arms. The safety catching arms ensure that the lid is intercepted every time the hatch is opened. The lid is easy to remove and replace.

Doors, reinforced and fireproof - industrial
  • Plasters and sealants
  • plaster
  • Finishing plaster

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