Cost-effective solution for fire-protected shaft walls - With peripheral lip seal (silicone) against smoke penetration - Quick and easy installation. Fire resistance on duct side and room side NF EN 1634-1 : +A1 : 2018 The inspection hatch is specially designed for installation on technical ducts with one of the requirements "external and internal heat load of the duct" and a fire resistance class EI 30. It offers a safe protection against the spread of fire from a room into the duct or counteracts it. The aluminium mounting frame is equipped with a fire protection strip. The cover of the inspection hatch is filled with DF fire protection plates and protected against the passage of smoke by a four-sided circumferential seal. The cover is secured on both sides by self-adjusting safety arms. These safety arms ensure that the cover stops every time the door is opened. The cover can be easily removed and replaced

Doors, reinforced and fireproof - industrial
  • Plasters and sealants
  • plaster
  • Finishing plaster

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