CellTRON® FOR MAXIMUM FILTRATION REQUIREMENTS The basis of this plant is a membrane filter press. The new product series is equipped with an innovative filter press emptying system with lifetime error message, an automated filter cloth washing system with implemented CIP cleaning function as well as an automatically opening and vacuum-proof housing. In contrast to conventional filter presses, this new development guarantees an almost gastight encapsulation of the filter press. The filter press thus meets the specific requirements for dewatering special (metal) sludges. In addition to standard configurations for battery cell production, this technology series is also suitable for demanding applications that require the highest safety and efficiency standards. These include volatile, dust explosive products as well as substances with toxic and radioactive properties but also pharma food products and hot suspensions (≥130°C).

Drainage systems and equipment
  • filter press
  • sludge dewatering
  • waste water treatment

Product features

Product Feautures Suits for most demanding applications
Product Feautures Maximum machine protection
Product Feautures High resistance to aggressive media
Product Feautures Integrated self cleaning
Product Feautures Hygienic Design
Product Feautures Fully automatic operation
Product Feautures Low maintenance
Product Feautures New MSE filter plate technology
Product Feautures No cost-intensive revision necessary
Product Feautures „Light“ or „Xtreme" Version available

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