Sewage sludge dewatering offers enormous potential savings for operators of sewage treatment plants. Dewatering sludge means reducing the quantity of sludge for disposal. Depending on system capacity, 1 percent more dry substance can lead to cost savings in the five- to six-digit range. The dewatering performance of the Flottweg Xelletor Series is significantly better than even its predecessors. It sets new benchmarks for throughflow, dry substance, and polymer and energy consumption. The Xtra in performance at low consumption in comparison with our high-performance C Series: ►Xtra dewatering performance: Up to 10 percent less sludge volume due to higher total dry solids in dewatered sludge ►Xtra polymer savings: Up to 20 percent savings on flocculant consumption ►Xtra capacity: Up to 15 percent more throughflow ►Xtra energy savings: Up to an additional 20 percent energy savings

Drainage systems and equipment
  • Decanter centrifuge
  • sludge dewatering
  • sewage sludge dewatering

Product features

Decanter Scroll Xelletor Design
Pond Depth Super-deep Pond
Feed Geometry Flow Optimized
Pressing Weir plate, Steep Cone
Gear Unit Simp Drive(r)
Energy Recovery Recuvane(r)
Wear protection Individual Adaptation
Automation Individual Adaptation
Throughflow up to 50-140m³/h

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