Mobile sludge dewatering by Flottweg

Mobile sludge dewatering in a container: connect and dewater


In small sewage treatment plants, investment costs play a decisive role. In stationary dewatering systems, for example, the construction of a new building can be significantly costly. You can avoid those costs with mobile container systems for sludge dewatering. Container-based solutions are a practical alternative to fixed dewatering installations.. A container is a true "plug and play" option – just connect it and start dewatering. ►Sludge dewatering in a one-man operation: comfort and personal safety, with control of the dewatering installation directly on-site. ►Year-round comfort: raised roof; insulated walls and roof, consistent use of stainless steel. ►Minimized maintenance effort: The roof can be opened by a single person using a manual hydraulic lifting system; the decanter can be opened with a crane built into the container. ►Optimized for operation in the smallest of spaces ►Easy transport with all current truck types

Drainage systems and equipment
  • Mobile sludge dewatering
  • dewatering system
  • mobile decanter centrifuges

Product features

Operating comfort Roof to be opened
Easy transport twist locks
One-man operation hydraulic lifting system, crane
Materials high-quality stainless steel
air conditioning unit Individual adaptation
Automation operator panel

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