Ceramic pressure sensor 0-2 bar absolute

Food industry

24.42€ TTC


The B+B pressure sensors are suitable for pressure measurement of gaseous and liquid media. They are based on the approved thick-film technology as well as the resistant carrier materials ceramic and stainless steel.

Product features

Name Ceramic absolute pressure sensor
Pressure measuring range 2 bar abs
Burst pressure 5 bar
Application temperature -40...+105 °C
Operating voltage 5...30 VDC
Current consumption max. 4 mA
Bridge resistor 10 ±20% kΩ
Accuracy <±0.4%
Output signal 2...4 mV/V
Connection Flat cable, RM 2.54 x 66 mm, AWG26
Dimensions Ø18 x 6.35 mm
Environmental data RoHS 2002/95/EG compliant
Weight 0.02 kg

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