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Ming Xiao Mfg is a professional machine parts manufacturer from China Ningbo, we are engaged in steel parts processing for 20 years, with a variety of processing equipment, to provide a variety of steel parts customized processing services. We provide a lof ot machining services, such as CNC turning, Automatic turning,CNC milling, Tool milling, dilling, grinding, wire cutting,colding forging, hot forging, die stamping, knurling,slot cutting,pressing,riveting.... In the past 20 years, we have processed all kinds of steel parts for domestic and foreign customers.such as tube couplings,steel shafts, pipe joint parts, hose connectors & transition connectors, copper machined tube, flange,bushing, knighthead, pedestal, customized screws,bolts, steel rods & steel pins... Our advantage is that according to the structure and use of parts, choose the lowest cost quality of the most reliable processing mode, improve the quality at the same time reduce the price of products.

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