Climate test benches & temperature test benches

Calibration and Badge-Test of different types of DUTs
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Development and construction of test systems for environmental simulation, i.e. climate and temperature tests as well as corrosion tests (e.g. MEMS testing and automotive durability tests on tilt sensors, inclination sensors, inertial sensors, inclination sensors, automotive parts and many more). - Adjustable humidity - Typical temperature ranges are -72 to + 120°C - Parallel testing and calibration of more than 100 DUTs simultaneously per test run - Various interfaces to the DUTs can be switched like CAN, LIN, Flexray etc. - Database connection and automated data analysis using Microsoft PowerBi can be added.

  • Measurement and control instruments
  • Temperature Test Bench
  • Climatic test chambers
  • Inertial Sensor Testing

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