Tilt Sensor Test Bench, Tilt Table, Rate Table

End-of-Line Test Bench for Inclinometers and MEMS / Inclinometer Test Bench
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We develop fully automatic test systems for inclination sensors and inertial sensors (MEMS, tilt sensors) according to customer requirements. With these systems, combined temperature and motion simulation is possible. We set quality standards with rate tables from Acutronic, for example. With the help of multi-axis rate tables, we can precisely position DUTs in end-of-line (EoL) test operations or for development purposes and calibrate and test them under temperatures of e.g. -40°C and up to 120°C. Merecs Engineering can also connect the test system to our customer's IT infrastructure, set up databases and automatic data analysis using Mircosoft PowerBI, so that important key figures such as First Pass Yield (FPY), process capability, system availability, statistics and trends are continuously updated and displayed on online dashboards. For example, more than 100 DUTs are possible per test run.

  • Testing equipment
  • Rate Table
  • Inertial Sensor Testing
  • Test Automation

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