filtration, cooling, heating & positive pressure in one device


Combi 1.1 – Innovating product – Better and cheaper than Laminar Flow – Adjustable Air Nozzles for perfect airflow – Creates high efficiency Cleanroom Class ISO6 or even ISO5 – Installation: 1 day max. – Results within 30 minutes – Clean Air Capacity: 800 m3/hour maximum, with 1/4 of fresh air (optional) – Only needs W 90 cm x H 154 cm x D 34 cm of wall space – Quiet operating level – Max. distance between inside & outside unit: 25 meter To protect immune compromised patients To upgrade ICU’s, laboratories and O.T’s Note Pressure difference depends on air tightness of the room. For information and advice contact MedicCleanAir.

Sterilisation and disinfection - medical equipment
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