Combination braid of ePTFE Yarn incorporated with Graphite, Meta-Aramid Fibers and special impregnation Practical useful application data: max. temperature: +200 °C Characteristics Excellent Standardisation possibilities High Cross Sectional density, yet still elastic and flexible Suitable for use with hardening and crystallizing products Displays reduced wear through special running track reinforcement Unique formulation impregnation improves flexibility, ensures packing will not harden Provides excellent chemical resistance Recommended shaft surface hardness: HRC 35 Operating range Pressure [p max]: 25 bar, Velocity [v max]: 20 m/s Pressure [p max]: 150 bar, Velocity [v max]: 2 m/s Pressure [p max]: 150 bar Temperature: t = -100… +280 °C pH: 1 - 13 Density: 1.50 g/cm³ Practical useful application data: max. temperature: +200 °C Main application Centrifugal pumps Mixer Agitators Fittings Filter Suitable for Pulp and paper industry Chemical industry Form of delivery This...

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