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Our underlying concept: - Combining high-grade materials with cutting-edge processing technology - Customer-oriented advice - Implementation of special specifications and requirements of our users - Consistent quality assurance - Quick and reliable service. Our philosophy: We provide the most economical sealing solutions for any sealing requirements. The introduction of new materials to the market has resulted in a renaissance for the gland seal as a classic sealing solution that has proven its effectiveness a million times over. Users do not always want or need expensive, complex sealing systems. For newly developed machines and systems, we apply our cutting-edge knowledge, acquired from testing and practical experience, as a vital basis for implementing solutions. Quality management: Every package is subject to regular thorough monitoring at every step of the production process. The quality management system used meets the requirements of the DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard and is inspected annually by the TÜV Management Service.

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Braided from Expanded Graphite Tape with integrated Carbon fiber Reinforcement Practical useful application data: max. temperature in oxidizing atmosphere: +400 °C Characteristics Wear and extrusion stability through Carbon fiber reinforcement Non hardening, good reset capability, coefficient of thermal expansion similar to steel High temperature resistant and excellent heat and electric conductivity Self lubricating, excellent use in pumps, minimizing the need for flushwater Easy to cut, assemble and disassemble No shaft wear, excellent dry running characteristics Operating range Pressure [p max]: 25 bar, Velocity [v max]: 20 m/s Pressure [p max]: 300 bar Temperature: t = -200… +550 °C pH: 0 - 14 Density: 1.00 g/cm³ Practical useful application data: max. temperature in oxidizing atmosphere: +400 °C Main application Centrifugal pumps Valves Control valves Gate valves Steam High Pressure and Temperature Valves Suitable for Power plant technology Boiler houses Chemical...


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Compression Proof and Form Stable Biaxial expanded Joint Sealant Characteristics No change in width at compression Excellent on slim or restricted flange area Technical parameters pH 2 - 12 Temperature: t = -200 … +280 °C Pressure: p = Vacuum … 200 bar Density: 0,95 g/cm 3 Main application Larger flanges and vessels Glaslined flanges Agitators Heat exchangers Form of delivery 10 mtr / roll Other length and dimension on request Suitable for Pharmaceutical industry Food industry Approvals FDA21 CFR 177.1550 (PTFE), FDA21 CFR 170.105 (adhesive) EG 1935:2004 EU 10/2011 FDA Installation Instructions Connect the ends with an angle cut Maximum uneveness of flange: 1/3 of seal tape’s thickness Dimensions thickness (mm) Recommended for Steel Flanges width according DIN 2690 (NW) Surface pressure/ resulting thickness in 10 N/mm2 Surface pressure/ resulting thickness in 20 N/mm2 Surface pressure/ resulting thickness in 30 N/mm2 Surface pressure/ resulting thickness in 40 N/mm2 2 ≤...


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100 % virgin PTFE, modified and filled with Barium sulfate Characteristics Protected against cold flow Excellent recovery Excellent chemical resistance in caustic applications Reduced leakage rates compared to other filled PTFE gaskets under the same gasket stress. Technical parameters pH 0 - 14 Temperature: t = -180 … +230 °C, short term up to 260 °C Pressure: p = 55 bar Article code / Thickness WHITE 08 / 0.8 mm WHITE 10 / 1.0 mm WHITE 15 / 1.5 mm WHITE 20 / 2.0 mm WHITE 30 / 3.0 mm Main application Steel-, Glass-, Ceramic-, glass lined or plastic flanges on pipework Vessel Container Reactors Suitable for Chemical and Petrochemical industry Approvals TA-Luft Form of delivery Gasket sheet size of 1,500 x 1,500 mm in thickness of 0.8/1.0/1.5/2.0/3.0 mm or cut gaskets according to drawing or EN and international Standards, special dimensions on request.


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High Temperature Gasket of Expanded Flexible Graphite with Stretchmetal Characteristics Expanded graphite sheet gasket with Stainless Steel stretch metal reinforcement and a purity of 99 %. Practically no cold flow or creep under temperature. Non hardening Excellent in use with cycling temperatures. Blow out safe due to 3 dimensional reinforcement matrixes Optimized transfer of sealing stress Safe use even with small sealing width Minimized risk of separation known from multilayer reinforced gasket sheets. Technical parameters pH 0 - 14 Temperature: t = -200 … +550 °C, n oxidizing atmosphere +450 °C Pressure: p = 200 bar Main application Universal use as problem solver in all industries when demanding higher operation safety and sealability especially in older plant equipment. Suitable for Chemical industry Petrochemical plants Pharmaceutical industry Power plant technology Paper industry Sugar industry Approvals DVGW BAM TA Luft FIRE SAFE API 607 on request Form of...


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