Condensed water protected

Additional protection against condensed water inside
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To protect your goods from condensation or condensation water, it is possible to integrate a special underlay tarpaulin. It consists of mesh fabric, which allows moisture to diffuse from the inside of the hall to the outside. The fields of application of our condensation water protected halls: - Storage for temperature-insensitive goods - protected loading of transporters - protected parking and storage area - Picking for goods of all kinds - Maintenance and repair When single-layer tarpaulins in the roof are no longer sufficient, we at HR-Structures recommend our modern thermal tarpaulins. Produced in membrane technology, the two-layer roof and gable covering has a heat-insulating effect and prevents condensation on the underside of the roof tarpaulin. It consists of two shells, which are filled with air and thus provide additional insulation and protection against condensation. As wall cladding we recommend here the trapezoidal sheet.

  • Warehouses - cold storage
  • Industrial halls
  • Construction of industrial buildings
  • Aluminium roof covering

Product characteristics

Span Width
5.0 - 30.0 m
Ridge height
5.2 - 11.2 m
Eaves height
4.3 - 6.3 m
Extendable in 5m bay lengths
Wind load
0.5 kn/m²
Snow Load
65 - 153 kg/m³

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36355 Grebenhain - Germany